From the Marketing Dept.

From the marketing dept.:
B&N will be beginning a store-wide preorder promotion, “A Sale for the Pages”, starting today, July 10th, and running through July 17th. All titles up for preorder during that period are eligible, regardless of format. That means A Farewell to Arfs, the next Chet and Bernie novel, coming Aug. 6, is eligible!
Preorder discount: 25% off for Members; additional 10% off for Premium Members
Use code PREORDER 25 at checkout.
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  1. Wose, it’s 109 degrees here in Eagle, ID. My friends back in Tennessee have no pity. They say at least mine is a dry heat. Yeah? My oven has dry heat, too, but I can still bake biscuits in it! We might break an all time record of 111 this week. Going to Oregon mountains next week for vacation, and, unfortunately, it’s hot even at high altitudes. Sheesh! Take care, everyone!

  2. Wow!! We had a couple of days last summer close to 109 during the long stretch of 100+ days. Miserable! And there are still people up north that don’t have a/c. Houston still has a lot of people without power and it’s heating up there. Mom has friends and family dealing with that.
    Rebecca, hope your vacation has a break in the heat!
    Wose, please don’t melt!!!

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