Football (More)

How about a bit more in football? It pops up here and there in the Chet and Bernie series, no more so than in Bark To The Future (available in all formats):
“And now, if Coach Raker will hand the game ball to Mr. Little, we’re going to have a ceremonial first pass, symbolizing the connection between the generations in the Chisholm community. Bernie? Raheem? Are you ready?”

They both nodded. Coach Raker flipped the football to Bernie. He caught it the way he catches everything, his hands folding softly around it. Then he smiled at Raheem and gave him a little nod.

Raheem took off. My, how fast he was! Bernie reared back and threw. The ball soared into the bright blue sky. What a beautiful sight! Maybe I should have mentioned that Raheem was fast for a human. But there’s more than one kind of fast, my friends. What happened next couldn’t be helped.