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  1. I read about her but they didn’t give her name or the details. Only heard Jack Russell Terrier. Half her body weight is a big deal. Even if she managed to hunt some mice and stuff, no way could she maintain weight under those conditions. Anyone that doesn’t believe the stories of Greyfriar’s Bobby or Hachiko can add Finney to the list of loyal dogs. What a good girl.

  2. I would stay by my mom, but I would hope to be found before losing any body weight! I’m quite proud of my 12 pack!

    Wose!! My calendar came today. Thank you yet again for doing such a wonderful job! I’m okay with having to share my page with mom since OFA is also in the picture. A what a surprise to find the two ornaments in the package. I LOVE them and Mom LOVES them too. Our mail person curved it to fit it in the mailbox even though you had written do not bend on the package. Mom was able to rescue it before any damage was done.

  3. When we were in Scotland (Edinburgh) , one of the most moving things was the tribute to Greyfriar’s Bobby.

    Rose. Ours arrived this evening (we get our mail rather late most days). The calendar and ornaments are just incredible. And, needless to say, the cover just blew me away. Ms. Abbie will be proud.

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