Fergus (More)

Many thanks to Freddi Fullington Martinez for this info on Fergus, Chet’s May Friend of the Month. (A signed copy of Up on the Woof Top, the latest Chet and Bernie novel, is winging its way top her. In June this could be you! Just send in a pic.)

“This is so exciting! At almost 7 years old, Fergus is a talented actor, who can portray a lover (by flashing his baby-blues to get tummy rubs), as well as a tough guy (hence the werewolf description). He guards our house against delivery trucks, meter readers, tumbleweeds, and invisible monsters.
Forgot to mention that Fergus likes his morning coffee (he helped himself to mine as I was writing his bio.)”

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  1. Greetings!

    Fergus, lover and werewolf…perhaps you are a dog of thousand faces (like Lon Chaney Sr.).
    One question…do you like your coffee hot or iced? :^)

    Create a good day!

  2. Wow. Fergus is quite versatile, lover, fighter, busboy. Diana pawPrints identifies with his many roles of guardian of the territory. I think the photo communicates exactly how Fergus has learned to use his baby blues to manipulate his hoomans into a plethora of treat dispensing. Well done, Fergus. Well done.

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    Please consider a donation for a worthy cause.

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