Dog Tattoos (More)

Dog tattoos – new to me and I can’t get them out of my mind. Here, from Liz Lockman, for example, who sends along both the tattoo and the subject matter (although not the name). More, please! I’d like to create a whole gallery!

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  1. Dogs are with us for so short a time, but are sometimes more dear to us than blood family. Perhaps because we do have them for so brief a time. Cartoon and movie characters come and go but dogs are with us for a lifetime, even if they are physically with us for only a fraction of it.

    I just came back from the annual San Diego Humane Society Heritage Circle luncheon. I get invited because they are in my will and trust. I know a few here support them by donating to Team Wonder Puppies through the Walk for the Animals.

    Our local human society is unique in the country. We have an on site fully staffed 24/7 veterinary hospital and care is offered to animals whose owners cannot afford a regular vet. There is a food pantry for those in need. They have a cat and kitten building separate from the original shelter specific for the care and adoption of cats so they can provide care for kittens who might need to be fed every 3 hours. Normal shelters can’t do that.

    They don’t euthanize animals because of behavior, treatable medical issues or overcrowding. They are only one out of two shelters in the U.S. with a full time behavior program to ensure dogs that no dog is euthanized for behavior issues. They’ve rebuilt their dog area so no dogs can see each other from their rooms and the building is now very quiet and the stress on the dogs is greatly reduced. They have an extensive wildlife treatment, rehab and release program. They are building a new vet center that will have a spay and neuter training program, the only won in the U.S. There will also be a spay and neuter low cost (or free) clinic as the high rate of dogs in shelters they have determined is because spay and neuter was lax for the last few years because of Covid.

    Last year they took in about 41,000 animals, both companion and wild.

    Not may shelters will do acupuncture on an opossum.

    Or remove a coyote from the grill of a car when it was hit, treat it, rehab and then release.

    They repaird the femur (with a plate and pins) of a mountain lion juvenile who was hit by a car and broke a femur. It was successfully released.

    It is amazing the work they do and they are expanding to be able to do more.

    I invite you to explore the SDHumane dot org website to see all of the great work they do.

    And I want to thank again all those that support SDHumane by donating to Team Wonder Puppies during the annual Walk for the Animals.

    It is National Best Friends day and I am about to lock the front gate and let mine enjoy the extra space for the entire weekend.

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