Dog Tattoos (More)

More dog tattoos! Please keep them coming. This is from Erin Cooke Brown who writes:

For your dog tattoo collection 😊 I got this tattoo in 2022 at Tattoo Blue & Piercing in Macomb, Illinois Moose is my 4yr old pitsenji fur baby boy. He’s a mix of Basenji and Pitbull. He is still with me but I got the tattoo because the shop was doing a fundraiser for Epitome Dog Rescue and all the proceeds went to them so it was a good cause. This was my 1st tattoo and the only one I currently have altho I am going to get another but it’s not a dog related theme.

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  1. Greetings!

    Like seeing all the interesting dog tattoos. :^)

    There is a film called “Thelma” opening tomorrow whose plot sounds an awful lot like “Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge.”

    RIP Donald Sutherland.

    Good afternoon to all!

    1. I guess it is something I must get used to now that I have reached a certain age. The sad thing will be reading of the passing of icons younger than I am.

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