Comments and Me

In case anyone wondered, I read all comments here and on FB. Yesterday’s post about the Timmy scene in Up On The Woof Top, the latest #ChetAndBernie novel, inspired this conversation between 2 commenters.

#1. Chet seems to prefer children and women. I guess no fellas can come close to his beloved Bernie! I especially like how he appreciates ladies of the evening!
#2. I don’t think it is that Chet is attracted to children and women. I think he is protective of the vulnerable. He can sense when someone needs protecting and when someone is a person you need protecting from. It’s like Chet can sense who is a potential victim and who is a possible perpetrator. Bernie is Chet’s constant, his rock. Bernie keeps Chet balanced. And likewise.
It’s so interesting for me to see all this from the outside. I (although not all writers) work from the inside. I never check boxes, like, Hmm, I’m going to make this character appreciate ladies of the evening, or keep some other character balanced. It just happens. I actually can’t explain it so don’t bother reading this post.