Cats (More)

Yesterday, in my innocence, I posted a picture of a reader’s cat named Cabo. That opened the floodgates on the FB page! (See yesterday’s comments over there.)

Cats come up from time to time in the Chet and Bernie series, never more so than in A Fistful Of Collars:

Or something like that. I couldn’t really concentrate on account of what she was holding in her arms. Of course he saw me right away and gave me one of those superior looks. Yes, a cat. Not particularly little, by the way, in fact, kind of monstrous. And ugly, besides. If a deep golden coat except for snowy-white feet and a snowy-white nose wasn’t ugly then what was?

“Brando!” said Thad Perry. “Come to poppa!”

Brando was the cat? And Thad Perry thought he himself was the … I couldn’t take it past that. Meanwhile, Brando stayed right where he was, in Nan’s arms. She came down the ladder.

“Brando!” said Thad Perry, raising his voice. His voice had a strange harshness, and the louder he talked the harsher it got. “Come to poppa!”

“He’s a cat person?” Bernie said.

“Guess so,” said Luxton.

Cat person? I tried to make sense of that idea and failed completely.