But Remember This One!

And here is the cover of the next Chet and Bernie novel – in a series that can be read in any order! Pub date is August 6 but it’s pre-orderable now. Who loves pre-orders? Publishers, that’s who! (And therefore, inevitably, so do writers.)

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  1. Great cover.

    And here in Chevy Chase, the beat goes on …. and on … and on. We have gone from close to ten inches of snow on the ground from last Friday (combined effect of two storms) to chillingly cold weather early this week (a low of 12 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday morning) to what I’ve got to imagine is an all time high temperature today of 72 degrees. Whoa, what is going on with Mother Nature?

    1. Big Tiny, I know! Right? That leg always causes me to imagine what the whole Bernie must look like! That wise OFA knows our imaginations are an integral part of enjoying his tomes!

  2. I love it. Of course I do love that dog model, even if it is photoshopped. Beautiful background. I might even attempt to paint that in my watercolor class. New semester starts next week.

    I like the leg or legs even but must say I am loving this full face full body portrait of Chet.

    I can beat you, WTAFP. It was only 72 today but it promises to be 78 tomorrow and 80 on Sunday. Mini Santa Ana. It will drop to the mid 70s Monday and by Thursday 65 and a 76% chance of rain. Looks like we might be getting a series of small storms. 2 days storm, then a sunny day, two rain days, sun day, 2 more days, etc. Of course, we don’t get snow so you beat us for biggest swing in temperature. Looks like the coldest nightly low will be 45, which is kinda balmy for you. I imagine our nightly lows are still higher than your normal daily highs.

    Just think of it this way. FRANKLIN LOVES IT.

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