The subject – possibly tedious to most of you – about my bike rides came up yesterday. Yes, I live on Cape Cod and bike all year round, mostly on a local bike trail and some on roads. I don’t go if it’s wet or if there’s snow, but we haven’t had more than a few inches total this year, or last. I don’t seem to mind the cold. I actually prefer the winter. Hardly any other cyclists out there for some reason. But don’t get the idea these are long rides – 10 to 12 miles, 15 tops. I was one of those kids who could play outside forever. Here’s a summer photo. Tomorrow looks promising for a very wintry one.

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  1. Greetings!

    What a scenic road to take a bike ride on, and I love the cloud formation in the distance. Happy bike rides to you PA/SQ! And BTW, I prefer winter too. :^)

    I guess my post from yesterday is lost in the Bermuda Triangle of moderation. I just wanted to give props to my neck of the woods for having two participants in yesterday’s Puppy Bowl.

    Good day to all!

    1. Wose, I like those clouds too. They remind me of the surf crashing onto the beach! Maybe that is wishful thinking. I wasn’t ready to leave my vacation.

    2. BTW, Wose, your post yesterday about the Hudson Valley pups in the puppy bowl finally did make it on the blog. Nice piece! I miss your part of the planet. West Point was one of my favorite places to be stationed!

    3. Congrats. It’s always great for a local puppy to make the team. Not always easy given the distance.

      There were three puppies from Helen Woodward too. Not my city but in my county. North county. I’ve been to Helen Woodward. They do great work.

      The Puppy Bowl had 131 puppies from 38 states. A lot more puppies than what we saw on screen. I think it was their most diverse ever. It isn’t easy transporting puppies safely all the way to the Puppy Bowl for filming (in October) and then bringing them back so they are available for adoption. That’s why the Puppy Bowl has so many sponsors. Kudos to Subaru and Bissell for being sponsors for 19 years. (There were no sponsors the first year.) The Puppy Bowl has a history of 100% for all of the puppies getting adopted. I am so pleased they are also doing DNA testing for all of them now. I’ve done Wisdom Panel on Diana pawPrints and Freyja Grey as well as my parent’s Dolly.

      I should watch it again to see if I can spot Fred from Helen Woodward (who was in the opening lineup) and Dallas and Melody from your local shelter.

      For those that missed it, pretty sure you can stream Puppy Bowl XX online or on some of the mobile apps.

  2. You don’t consider 10-12 miles, 15 tops to be a long ride?

    I consider 10-12 minutes, 15 tops to be a long ride. Of course, I only have a three speed bike with foot brakes that I am still getting used to have years of hand brakes. It is yellow with red tulips. I love it but I don’t take it out often as there is so much traffic around my house that it isn’t very safe. I have to take the bike somewhere flat and with very little traffic to ride. Most of the parks are too small for riding so I have travel a bit of a distance. But I love my bike

    Yes, bike rides in temperate to cool weather is the best. I love bike rides for the wind in your face no matter what direction you’re going.

    Those are lovely clouds, however those low ones look like storm clouds, bringing perhaps some rain.

    Since today is Carnival Monday perhaps you can add wear some beads and put a few feathers on your helmet. Just think how colorful you will be, zooming by with feathers trailing you in the breeze. (Does everyone have that visual image in their heads now? )

    It’s also National Lost Penny Day so hope everyone finds one. Perhaps in the sofa after all of that Bowl viewing yesterday.

  3. ML: I agree with you…A 10-12 minute bike ride is enough for me. :^)

    When my husband and I first moved to Westchester, we had bikes. We lived in the lower part of the county, and on Sundays during the summer into the fall, the county closes the Bronx River Parkway to vehicular traffic for several hours, and you can ride your bike or walk from Bronxville to White Plains. We used to love taking that ride!

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