Sunday? Therefore beginnings, where we take a look at the start of one of my novels. Last week we did Woof, first in my #BowserandBirdie #middlegrade mystery series. So today, Arf, which came next:

I awoke to the smell of bacon. Could the day have gotten off to a better start? Not to my way of thinking, even though I knew right away that this bacon was of the distant kind, not sizzling in our own kitchen here at 19 Gentilly Lane, but somewhere in the neighborhood. Certain smells – bacon, for example – have the power to pull you toward them. What with your tiny nose – compared to mine, that is – this may be news to you. Not your fault! Don’t feel bad!

I sprang off the bed, glanced back at Birdie. She was fast asleep, hair all in a tangle, crust in the corners of her eyes, and a bit of drool leaking from the side of her mouth. No one was more beautiful than Birdie. There are times when I can just gaze at her for what seems like forever. This wasn’t one of them.