Sometime little aperçus want to squeeze themselves into the story. Generally I close the door. But not always:

Some people are real good listeners, have an active way of doing it, as though a kind of ear magnetism is pulling the words right out of your mouth. Others are only listening for some sort of cue so they can jump in and take over the talking themselves.

(from Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge, digitally on sale at $2.99!)

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  1. Greetings!

    I know a lot of people who are listeners of that second kind. :^)

    Grizz and I are heading to Connecticut today. His oldest nephew is graduating from Quinnipiac University tomorrow.

    Create a good day!

  2. Okay, I admit it, I had to look it up. Aperçu — a comment or brief reference that makes an illuminating or entertaining point. Aperçus is the plural. And then there is that silly little squiggle under the letter c — which I now know is a cedilla, which is a symbol that is written under the letter `c’ in French, Portuguese, and some other languages to show that you pronounce it like a letter `s’ rather than like a letter `k. ‘ It is written ç. Always learning something new from Chet!

  3. I had to look it up as well. I’ve been able to type the ç for some time, along with other special characters related to different languages. Knew the French used it but not the Portuguese, but that makes total sense geographically. Did not know it changes the C to a soft S. Nor that it was called a cedilla. (Would that be cediLa or cediYa? Damn, back to Google.)

    I learn so much on this blog.

    It is National Shrimp day. I think I might have some in the freezer! If not, fish sticks will have to substitute.

    It is National Public Gardens day. I’m afraid the public dog park had to do today. The dogs were overjoyed and had a great time. I do have my private garden and looks very like I will have peaches this year. Rosebuds are coming as are the hydrangeas, callas already blooming.

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