Adobe (More)

First, thanks to ML for her comment yesterday re finding tiny glitches during copyediting and proofreading. Do I enjoy that part of my occupation? No comment. But finding little things you like that you’d forgotten more than balances out any negatives. Here’s a little something from A Farewell to Arfs (coming Aug. 6. pre-orderable):

“They shot some early silents here,” Bernie said, pointing with his chin at what looked like the main street of a cowboy town in old movies he’d tried to get Charlie interested in—“ Dad!”—with no success. This particular cowboy town was only half-standing, and two bulldozers were busy making sure there’d be nothing at all very soon. “Receivership,” he went on, leaving me no wiser. “But back then some real cowboys from the wild west were still around and a few—like Wyatt Earp—acted as advisors. Wonder how that went down. It would be like having Moses on the set of the Ten Commandments.”